Frostie, baby goat whose first steps with a wheelchair went viral, dies

Edgar's Mission/Facebook

Frostie, the adorable baby snow goat who recently learned how to walk with the help of a wheelchair, has died.

The news was posted on Facebook on Tuesday morning by Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, the Australian animal center that had cared for Frostie since he arrived with a disabling bacterial infection.

“The autopsy revealed that Frostie’s spinal column was riddled with abscesses that refused to acknowledge the strength and determination of the little guy, as well as the arsenal of antibiotics and medications that had been sent in to do battle,” reads the post by Frostie's caretaker.

Frostie captured hearts after a video of him using a wheelchair to help him take his first few steps went viral last month.

The little goat arrived at Edgar’s Mission with severe dehydration, a lice infestation and an infection that spread through his bloodstream and into his back legs, leaving him unable to walk. 

Frostie eventually learned not only to stand on his own “but walk, skip and run on albeit wobbly little goatee legs," his caretakers said.

He can walk! Frostie the Snow Goat learns to 'skip and run' without wheelchair

Alas, on Monday, the kid goat showed signs of illness, including a rapidly bloating stomach.

Frostie’s caretaker grieved her loss while celebrating the determination her little charge demonstrated through his brief life.

“Frostie’s lot was not good, but no one told him that. He wanted to live,” she said.

“For such a tiny little goat, who only danced on this earth for a short while, his reach has been enormous and he may just well be the harbinger of a brave, new and just world for animals as people come to see them for who they are not for what can be produced from them," she said. "Whilst a part of me feels cheated that Frostie’s was not a long life, it was certainly one filled with more happiness and joy, love and friendship, kindness and compassion than many animals receive in a lifetime."