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Adorable fairy penguin chick makes public debut

The Bronx Zoo welcomed an adorable little addition to their family when a rare penguin chick made its official public debut.
/ Source: TODAY

The Bronx Zoo recently welcomed a magical little addition to their family — a rare fairy penguin chick!

The little blue penguin was hatched on May 10, and just recently joined the colony as the newest addition to the zoo's exhibit.

The fairy penguin, also known as a blue penguin, is the product of a new species, which debuted at the WCS's (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo in 2015.

You might be surprised to know this penguin is actually the smallest of the species. And as for the name? Check out that glowing, blueish hue. It only made sense to label the little blue penguins as such.

In all of the zoo's 120 year history, this is the first time they've successfully bred a blue penguin. Currently there are plans to breed more of the species.

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The little penguin chick is now two months old.Julie Larsen Maher

This was the only chick of the current colony not hatched at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, home to the "most successful little breeding program in the world." They hatch nearly 15 penguins a year.

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Julie Larsen Maher

At the moment, the penguin's sex has not been determined, and they've had yet to settle on a name, according to Max Pulsinelli, director of communications of WCS Zoos and Aquarium.

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