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Watch how one husband appears to reveal his wife's pregnancy — to her!

Women are typically the ones revealing pregnancies to their significant others, but Sam Rader decided to turn the tables on his wife, Nia.
/ Source: TODAY

In most cases, women are the ones revealing pregnancies to their significant others, but Sam Rader decided to turn the tables on his wife, Nia, in a viral video whose unorthodox investigation begins in a bathroom.

"I knew I was sitting on gold when I made it," Sam told via email Thursday. "But it's definitely amazing seeing these thoughts play out. I told my family that it's going to be huge and some of them laughed. [They] thought I was joking."

Collecting about 1 million views just one day after its Wednesday posting to Sam and Nia's YouTube page, the 7-minute video opens with the 29-year-old husband filming himself in the bathroom, where he informs viewers of his dream to reveal his wife's pregnancy to her. He adds that his 26-year-old wife, who's "two weeks late," hasn't flushed the toilet overnight because she didn't want to wake up their son, Abram.

"I'm so excited," he says, moments before using the urine sample for a pregnancy test. "This time around, I'm going to be doing the announcement. At least, I hope. I hope so bad she's pregnant."

When the test reveals two lines, indicating a pregnancy, Sam repeatedly gasps, "Oh, my gosh!" in excitement. He then wanders to the kitchen, where he finds Nia, their daughter Symphony, and Abram.

"What are you doing to me?" asks a smiling Nia, who doesn't appear to know why she's being filmed. "You're a butt-head sometimes."

When Sam hints that Nia might be pregnant, she dismisses the idea, saying she hasn't taken a pregnancy test. Rushing back to the bathroom alone, Sam grabs the positive pregnancy test, and tells the camera, "Yeah, we did take one, honey."

Back in the kitchen, Sam asks Nia to pull something out of his chest pocket. Accusing him of being "such a dork" for bringing a positive pregnancy test home from work, Nia doesn't appear to realize in that moment that she's the reason for that result.

"This is a joke!" she tells Sam's camera.

When Sam replies, "The joke's on you," Nia seems to realize what he means.

"I can't believe I'm finding out like this," she says to the camera, grinning. "I had all these plans to tell Sam when I found out. This isn't fair!"

A second pregnancy test appeared to confirm the results. The couple plans to update fans on their pregnancy progress in the months to come on their YouTube page, which has more than 175,000 subscribers.

In his email to, Sam called the response to this video has been "incredible," adding, "Nothing but positive!"

It's not the first time the Texas family has gone viral. Last year, Sam and Nia went viral after posting a YouTube video of their lip-sync to the "Frozen" song "Love is an Open Door," filmed while riding in a minivan with their kids.

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