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These 13 funny parents killed it on Facebook this week

Here are our picks for this week's funniest parents on Facebook.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Parents are funny — especially on Facebook. And, we love them for it.

Because when all of your Facebook friends’ pages are filled with images of thoughtful bouquets, beautiful (not burned) breakfasts-in-bed, and handmade cards from grateful children, it’s easy to believe you’re the only one who spent Mother’s Day hiding in the bathroom.

So let’s take a moment to give a shout out, LOL, or just a QCWBN (Quiet Chuckle While the Baby Naps) to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to show what Mother’s Day (and every day) is like for the rest of us.

Here are our picks for this week’s funniest parents on Facebook!

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1. Mommy's a lightweight. (Mommy Needs a Martini)

Facebook/ Mommy Needs a Martini

2. Oh, the drama. (Carriage before marriage)

Facebook/ A Carriage before Marriage

3. Lazy is as lazy does (Questionable Choices in Parenting)

Facebook/ Questionable Choices in Parenting

4. Play date wine list (Baby Sideburns)

Facebook/ Baby Sideburns

5. Field trip fun (Christine Anderson Skluzacek)

Facebook/ Christine Anderson Skluzacek

6. Gimme some peace and quiet (A Mothership Down)

Facebook/ A Mothership Down

7. What a gift (Rodney Lacroix)

Facebook/ Rodney Lacroix

8. Santa's always watching (The Bearded Iris)

Facebook/ The Bearded Iris

9. Clock watcher (Perfection Pending)

Facebook/ Perfection Pending

10. Global warming (Bad Sandy)

Facebook/ Bad Sandy

11. What a guy (Sarah Warner Hatton)

Facebook/ Sarah Warner Hatton

12. Book em, Dano (The Waiting)

Facebook/ The Waiting

13. Birth control in aisle 3 (The Outnumbered Mother)

Facebook/ The Outnumbered Mother

Sarah Maizes is a parenting & lifestyle humorist who keeps it real (funny) on Facebook and her blog. She's the author of several humor and picture books for kids, including "On My Way to Bed." Check out all of her books here!