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Does sex get better after baby? Here's what moms say in a new survey

A lot of new moms admitted they were slightly afraid of postpartum sex.
/ Source: TODAY

When a couple has a baby, everything changes, from the division of household labor to the monthly budget. And, while new routines are expected, some moms are finding a surprise on the other end of their postpartum recovery — better sex.

Peanut, a social networking app for moms, recently surveyed more than 1,000 millennial moms — women between the ages of 22-37 — and received some blush-worthy results.

Nearly 22% of the women surveyed — 1 in 5 new moms — said the quality of their postpartum sex is better than it was prepartum, according to Peanut. 26% of women reported a decrease in quality of sex, while 52% said things in their bedrooms stayed the same after baby.

Other juicy statistics include 55.75% of millennial moms claiming to think about sex "often or very often," and 61% revealed that since baby arrived, they want to have sex more than ever before.

Peanut explains the survey was developed after seeing an increased amount of moms talking about sex in the app.

"We discovered that unlike generations before us, millennial moms want to talk about sex, think about it a lot, enjoy it for themselves, want to do things to enhance the experience and don't feel like becoming a mom has been detrimental to their sex lives," the survey makers wrote.

Moms are also eager to get back to business. 52% of moms surveyed had sex as soon as their doctor gave them the OK, despite 61.8% admitting they were slightly afraid about their first time having sex postpartum.

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And, when it comes to sex, privacy is a thing of the past. Sixty-two percent of millennial moms reported they talk openly to their friends about sex and nearly half (45%) said they'd had sex with their babies in the same room.

So what are the biggest things keeping millennial moms from getting it on?

Exhaustion — 42.4% say "being tired" is their biggest reason for not having sex. And, when mom is feeling feisty, it's their little ones who most often shut down the lovemaking: 58.9% of millennial moms reported having been interrupted by their kids during the act.