Sorry Bieber, you're not boyfriend material, according to girls' funny 'boyfriend rules' 


When a mom from Sudbury, Massachusetts, tweeted her daughters’ list of “boyfriend rules,” the Internet paid attention. Equal parts wise (he should "make you laugh") and hilarious ("don't pick your nose"), the list was inspired by none other than Justin Bieber, according to mom Gabrielle, who asked that her family’s last name not be used to protect their privacy.

Blaire (age 6) is “Bieber-obsessed,” according to mom, but older sister Brooke (age 9) is always reminding her that Biebs is not boyfriend material. “I suggested that Brooke make a list of the qualities that she thinks may be important in a FUTURE boyfriend — I joke with them that they aren't allowed to have boyfriends until they are 25,” Gabrielle told TODAY Moms.

“After some protesting, Brooke ‘allowed’ Blaire to add items to the list," said Gabrielle. "The one getting the attention (#22 -- ‘weird last name’) was referring to Bieber, as Brooke told Blaire that she wouldn't want to be ‘Blaire Bieber.’ I took a photo because I thought it was hilarious and wanted to save it for when they are actually old enough to have boyfriends.”

The list quickly grew to 30 rules. It includes the obvious — he must be fun and cute — but there are some very mature and forward-thinking rules guys should follow, too. Among our favorites: he should listen, respect you, like your job, and not be living with his parents.

If you ask us, Blair and Brooke have it all figured out! 

Jessica Dukes is working mom of two. You can find her on Google+ and Pinterest.