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Laugh along with 23 funny parents on social media this week

Here comes the long weekend!
/ Source: TODAY

It's important for parents to prepare for a long holiday weekend, so stock up on snacks and beverages and take a moment to laugh with us before you partake in the great American tradition of keeping your kids from burning their fingers (or yours) on sparklers!

We knew there was a catch!

They're smarter than we are.

Never fails.


We can't make it make sense either, but it's true.

We'll allow it.

For real.

Stop the madness!


Pro tip:

Wish kids came with a double speed option.

True horror story:


Can we call this sibling bonding?

Where do these little people come from?

Honestly, leveled up.

It's a show.

Coaching is very rewarding.

Still better than Hide & Seek.

Why are there not more caftans yet?

Clearly, she's a genius.

... And we'll miss this, right?

Money well spent.

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