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See this 6-year-old boy react to finding out he’s been adopted

The family marked their three-year adoption anniversary in March.
/ Source: TODAY

A 6-year-old North Carolina boy, Harvey, had a moment he'll never forget.

In a viral clip featured on TODAY's Morning Boost, Harvey's foster parents, Megan and Brian, sat him down to share some big news, several years after he first came to live with them.

"So there's something special that happened yesterday," Megan is heard saying off camera as Harvey looks at her. "Do you know what might have happened yesterday?"

After Harvey responds, "No," and looks around, Brian begins to announce, "Harvey is officially..."

The 6-year-old boy then quickly sits up in his chair and excitedly replies, "I'm adopted? I'm adopted right now?"

As Brian explains that it became official the day before, Harvey appears to be in shock, repeatedly asking if he's really adopted.

"I'm going to stay here? Yay!" Harvey says, before popping up from his seat to jump around on the porch and hug his parents.

The TODAY co-hosts couldn’t get enough of the sweet moment.

"It's such a reminder that beautiful families come in so many different packages," Carson Daly said, as Al Roker added, "That's right."

"How about the simple statement, 'I'm going to stay here,'" Hoda Kotb said. "Imagine being that little and saying that."

"Forever family right there," Savannah Guthrie chimed in.

Megan posted the video on her TikTok page in March to mark the third anniversary of Harvey's adoption. In the full video shared on social media, the parents show Harvey a message that reads "forever ours."

"Today marks 3 years since Harvey officially became a Raby! This video is our favorite treasure," she captioned the video. "Happy Raby Day to us!"

In the comment section, TikTok users couldn't get enough of Harvey's heartwarming reaction to being adopted.

"The way the baby said I’m adopted I’m going to stay here, touched my heart," one person wrote with a heart-smiley emoji.

"“Ima stay here???” OH MY GAHHHHHDDDDDD," with several crying emoji.

Another wrote, "Awww. im so happy for him. He deserves all the love and happiness in the world."