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First grader sings ‘Peaches’ at a talent show and the crowd goes wild in viral video

Cairo Koomson, 7, performed the song from the "Super Mario Bros" movie, and he did it for his little brother.
/ Source: TODAY

A first grader gave “Super Mario Bros” star Jack Black a run for his money while performing at a school talent show. 

In a now-viral TikTok video, Cairo Koomson, 7, is seen sitting at a piano and belting “Peaches,” which is sung by Black, 53, in the animated film. The crowd can’t get enough of Cairo, as they wave their arms over their heads and recite the lyrics. When Cairo, who is wearing a bright yellow Bowser costume, finishes his solo-turned-singalong, the kids erupt into thunderous applause.

Cairo crushed it.

Cairo’s mom Tracy Koomson tells that her 6-year-old son, Eli, who has autism, was moved to tears by his brother's performance.

“For Eli to show emotion was a big deal. I can count on one hand where he’s appropriately cried,” Tracy says.

"Peaches" holds a special meaning for Cairo's family.

Days earlier, Eli stunned Tracy and his siblings when out of nowhere he began singing the song from the "Super Mario Bros." soundtrack. Eli typically uses three to four word sentences, according to Tracy.  

“My 3-year-old daughter looked at me and Cairo looked at me and we were all like, ‘What is going on? Is this really happening?’” Tracy says, noting that she started to cry.

“Of course when I tried to get Eli to do it again so I could tape it, he wouldn’t,” Tracy adds, with a chuckle.

Cairo and his brother, Eli, are both big fans of the "Super Mario Bros." movie, which is the second-highest grossing animated film in history.
Cairo and his brother, Eli, are both big fans of the "Super Mario Bros." movie, which is the second-highest grossing animated film in history. Courtesy Tracy Koomson

Later that evening, Cairo announced to his mother that he was going to “be Eli’s voice” at the talent show.

“He was like, ‘Mom, I’m going to sing for Eli,” Tracy recalls. “Cairo is very mature, and he’s also self-sacrificing. A lot of the attention goes to Eli because he’s special needs, but Cairo never complains. He absolutely adores his brother."

Tracy says Cairo wants to have his own YouTube channel where he travels the world and shows it through a kid’s eyes. She says he was inspired by the late Anthony Bourdain's TV series "Parts Unknown."

"He's a big dreamer," she tells

And he's got tons of fans rooting for him after Tracy shared footage on TikTok of Cairo's performance.

“I'm sobbing! He’s so talented, I love this,” wrote one person.

Added another, “As a teacher, the purity of this would make me cry.”

"Super Mario Bros." star Chris Pratt was also impressed and shared the video on his Instagram Story.

"He tagged Jack Black and was like, 'This guy might steal your job,' or something like that," Tracy says. Though Tracy hasn't heard from Black, she remains hopeful.

"I keep checking my DMs to see if Jack has messaged us!" Tracy says.