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Math and chardonnay? Parents pair homework and wines in funny video

"For math, we recommend pairing a California chardonnay ... it's bold like my child's attitude as I try to explain long division."
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Homework can be frustrating not only for kids, but also for their parents, who get all stressed out from nagging — we mean helping — them to complete their assignments when they can barely keep their eyes open.

But now, parents have a solution. Take it from the Holderness family: When homework gets tough, there's a wine for that.

In a recent video, Penn and Kim Holderness share their wine pairings for homework.

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"For math, we recommend pairing a California chardonnay," Kim says as she sips from a glass of wine. "It's buttery, like my fingers from stress-eating potato chips. And bold, like my child's attitude as I try to explain long division."

"For grammar," says Penn, "let's take a trip to France for a nice Bordeaux. Mmmmm. Smoky and firm. Firm like my fists, which I clench in fury as my daughter Googles, 'What is a pronoun?'"

Pairing Wine with Homework | The Holderness FamilyYouTube

As daughter Lola, a fourth-grader, sighs and proclaims that she doesn't need help with her homework, her North Carolina parents walk through their wine pairing suggestions for other subjects, like science (a cabernet, complex and dense) and history (a pinot noir from Oregon).

"Lola loved this video, because we let her act like she really wants to while doing homework," Kim told TODAY Parents. "Our teachers are awesome and don't give an overwhelming amount of homework, but it's still a struggle for us.

"Lola is learning things now that I swear I didn't do until middle school. I have to Google most assignments. Once she hits fifth grade, I'm going to have to hire a tutor. To live with us."

Pairing Wine with Homework | The Holderness FamilyYouTube

Kim said she and Penn got the idea for the video on a particularly difficult night when she was helping Lola with her math homework.

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"I legit had to check all my answers on my phone, and there was no way I could make it through another problem without wine," Kim said. "I was heading for a pinot grigio, then I thought ... no, this is a job for chardonnay."

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The video ends with Kim sharing her suggested pairing for Lola's dreaded science project.

"For that," she says, "we go straight vodka. I don't feel like I need to explain myself."