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Rebel Wilson is sharing why she used a surrogate to welcome her 1st child

The "Pitch Perfect" star is mom of 8-month-old daughter, Royce.
/ Source: TODAY

Rebel Wilson was nearly 40 years old when she decided to freeze her eggs. And at 42, the star was ready to become a mom — but she had some concerns about carrying a pregnancy.

“I was lucky to get an embryo from the process because of my age and because I have polycystic ovary syndrome," Wilson tells "With just one embryo, I decided to go with surrogacy. Physically I could have carried the baby, but there was a much higher statistical chance it would work with surrogate."

In November of 2022, Wilson, 43, and her fiancée Ramona Agruma, welcomed a baby girl named Royce.

“Royce has just started talking and her first word was obviously mom,” Wilson says, with a laugh. She and Agruma haven’t quite figured out which one of them will be mom.

“It’s because my mother wants to be called mama. She doesn’t want to be grandma,” Wilson explains. “So we haven’t worked out what are names are gonna be.” 

“I’d love for mine to be mommy though,” she adds. “Or mum.”

Though Royce was born in Los Angeles, Wilson grew up in Australia, and her parenting style reflects that. For example, Down Under, children tend to learn to swim a younger age. 

“I was like, 6 months when I was thrown into a pool — safely, of course,” she recalls. “Roycie loves the water. She’s literally in there swimming with Ramona every single day.”

Royce is also learning about different cultures from Agruma, who was raised in Latvia, and speaks several languages including German and Russian.

Wilson opened up to while promoting her partnership with Zevo, a pest control brand. Wilson’s favorite product from the line is its plug-in, pesticide-free trap, which uses a blend of blue and UV light to attract flying insects. 

“They work so incredibly well — I have four of them at my house in L.A.,” she says. “You know those little gnats that hang around the sink? This captures them.”