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Mom gives birth in hospital elevator on Mother's Day

A security guard helped Texas mom Betzabeth Perez deliver her baby in an elevator.

Dallas mom Betzabeth Perez had a Mother’s Day she will never forget after giving birth in an elevator. She can thank security guard Eli Davila for safely delivering her baby girl.

KXAS, the Dallas NBC affiliate, reported that when Perez started having contractions, she and her partner, Adolfo Soto, made their way to Medical City Dallas. Hospital cameras captured the couple arriving at the building’s entrance. She was quickly wheeled inside by Davila.

As they approached the elevator, the surveillance video showed Perez looking uncomfortable and worried while sitting in her wheelchair. Moments later, Perez was wheeled out of the elevator with her baby girl in her hands. She named her daughter Mia.

Following the heroic act, Davila told the outlet that he felt like he had another baby.

“I want to be part of the baby’s life, and celebrate Mother’s Day and birthdays, coming along as she grows,” the security guard, who is father to two adult children, expressed. “Seems to me like she’s going to be another one of my kids.”

Betzabeth Perez.
Betzabeth Perez.Courtesy KXAS

Additionally, in a statement to KXAS, Jay DeVenny, Medical City’s CEO of Medical City Women’s Hospital Dallas, praised the security guard’s actions.

“Eli’s quick assessment and willingness to help a patient in need takes ‘other duties as assigned’ to a new level and speaks to our colleague’s commitment to delivering excellent care,” DeVenny stated.

Perez isn't the only mother who recently gave birth in an unexpected place. Kentucky mom Heather Skaats had her baby on the side of a road while her five other children sat in the car. Additionally, mom Shakeria Martin gave birth to her baby girl while on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Orlando.