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Why singer John Legend says Father's Day isn't as big of a deal as Mother's Day

The father of two talks about Father's Day, parenting, and dancing in the dining room with Luna.
/ Source: TODAY

Grammy award-winning musician John Legend has low-key plans for Father's Day: Dinner out with wife Chrissy Tiegen.

The 39-year-old father of two says he doesn't need a big celebration for a sweet reason.

"I don't think Father's Day needs to be a big deal, but it's nice to feel appreciated a little. I do think Mother's Day is a bigger deal because — let's face it — being a mom is harder."

While that sentiment will make moms everywhere swoon for the "All of Me" singer, so will his description of what a night of relaxing at home looks like. He says one of his favorite things to do is dance in the dining room with 2-year-old daughter Luna.

"She'll point to that room — where we have a record player — and say she wants to hear music and dance with Dada," Legend told TODAY Parents. "We'll listen to Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye — a bunch of old soul and jazz records — and dance together in our dining room."

Legend, who also has a 4-week-old son, Miles, with Teigen, says an important part of parenting is raising kids who are grateful, kind and aware of the needs in the world around them.

While their kids often appear in photos on both celebrities' social media accounts, the couple tries to find balance between letting them soak up the spotlight and keeping them humble.

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"They're in a very fortunate position in life that neither Chrissy or I were in when we were their age," said Legend. "We also want them to believe in themselves and to be strong and good leaders, so it will be interesting as they get older, finding the right balance."

Legend recently partnered with Pampers to create a song about diaper-changing called "the Stinky Booty Song," but the father of two says the Pampers tune isn't the first song he's created with Luna in mind.

"The song 'Right by You' kind of expressed what it was like for me as a new dad, thinking about what it meant to bring a new daughter into the world and what kind of daughter we want to raise," said Legend.

Today, it's special moments with Luna — reading together or dancing to old records — that help Legend feel bonded with his daughter.

"She also loves 'Dada's shoulders' — that's a thing she says all the time when she wants me to put her up on my shoulders and run her around the house," said Legend. "When it comes to making her feel valued, I think there's no shortage of that going on."