Jenna Wolfe gets sized up by Rosie Pope 

Being pregnant is wonderful.

Wait. Let me rephrase that.

There are many wonderful things about being pregnant: the glow, the creation of life, the full hair, the growing nails, the strong belly. Once you get past the morning sickness, it's really not that bad.

There are, however, a few slight shortcomings with pregnancy. I'll skip 1 through 9 and get right to 10: wardrobe. Finding the right clothes for the right occasion is near impossible sometimes. This makes me look too pregnant, this doesn't make me look pregnant enough, and this one ran allllllllll the way home. (You get the idea.)

Recently however, one of my producers, Patrice (also pregnant), invited me to a special wardrobe S.O.S. with the great Rosie Pope, the expert of all experts for all things baby. (Pope is most famous for her Bravo show, "Pregnant in Heels.")

She analyzed my body shape, color schemes and fabric type and helped both of us pick out the best clothes for our bodies. I have to say, despite my intense hatred for clothes shopping, I walked away from the experience much more knowledgeable about what I should be wearing as I cruise through the last two months of this pregnancy.

Rosie is fantastic. She's charming and real and witty and she really knows her stuff. I thank her profusely for her patience with me.

My takeaway? No horizontal stripes, no big floppy dresses, and no getting frustrated and throwing on a T-shirt and stretch jeans to head into work.

Thanks, Rosie. I owe you one. (A big one.)