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Jana Kramer opens up about feeling 'judged' for not breastfeeding son

"I feel like I have to hide the bottle when I'm in public because people are judging me."
/ Source: TODAY

Jana Kramer is tired of all the "pressure" on moms to breastfeed their babies — and she knows she's not alone.

During Monday's episode of her "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" podcast, the country singer, 35, said she received an outpouring of support after revealing her decision to not breastfeed her second child, son Jace, in a recent Us Weekly interview.

Country singer Jana Kramer is opening up about her decision not to breastfeed in the latest episode of her "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" podcast
Jana Kramer with her husband, former pro football player Mike Caussin.WireImage

“I've had so many people reach out to me on DMs ... It’s been really great,” Kramer said. “But it also ... it's just really frustrating."

Kramer and her husband, former football pro Mike Caussin, 31, welcomed Jace on Nov. 29. The couple also share a daughter, Jolie, who turns 3 this month.

The former "One Tree Hill" star, who invited Caussin as her guest on the show, said the "mom-shaming" against women who bottle-feed is out of control.

"It's almost like we feel we have to explain ourselves because we're not doing what we're told to do," she shared.

Caussin replied, "From the dad side or the husband side, obviously we don't feel it nearly as much as y'all do. But I can still sense that tension" when people ask Kramer whether or not she breastfeeds.

However, Caussin said he understands why people are so adamant that breastfeeding is better.

"That’s the way humans have done it for so long, so anything other than the way you’re biologically created to feed your child ... I can see why it’s still a lasting stigma,” he said.

“I totally get that," Kramer shared. "It’s just frustrating when women are like, 'Breast milk is the best.' I understand that — (they) don’t need to tell me something that I (already) know."

Still, she said, moms shouldn't have to defend their decisions to anyone.

"There's a lot of women who physically can't (breastfeed). Maybe I physically can't. Do I have to explain to everyone why we're not breastfeeding?" she asked.

“I feel like I have to hide the bottle when I’m in public because people are judging me. I feel judged,” she added.

Kramer told listeners she intended to explore the topic more fully in a later podcast.

“I guess I’m saying this to the moms out there that feel this way too,” the singer shared. “Let’s not feel like we have to defend our decision. Let’s just be the best moms that we are.”