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Georgia boy with rare brain disease scores touchdown of a lifetime

Watch this little boy with a brain disease get the opportunity of a lifetime to play in a high school football game. It will melt your heart!
/ Source: TODAY

For one 5-year-old Georgia boy, getting a chance to play football was a dream come true.

In the spring of 2014, Ben Holloway was diagnosed with dural arteriovenous fistula, an extremely rare brain disease, that left a golf-ball-sized pocket of blood behind his left eye, according to his GoFundMe page. With three brain surgeries in about the span of a year, Ben's diagnosis was grim. Doctors advised his parents to be mindful of his activities to protect against any possible injury to the brain. As a result, playing football quickly became out of the question for Holloway.

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However, Ben's hometown high school wasn't about to let doctors completely decide his fate. So what did they do? The Murray County High football team organized a game for Holloway to safely play in. And they pulled out all the stops. Ben got his own jersey and helmet.

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Ben hit the field ready for game day, and wasn't about to let anything get in his way. A trip and a fall didn't stop Ben, and his teammates were right there as backup, picking him right up and he stumbled. Another trip and a fall a few seconds later didn't stop Ben either.

He was a man on a mission, ready to score a touchdown, and that's exactly what he did.

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"He is a walking, talking, TD scoring miracle," wrote Joshua Holloway, Ben's father, on Facebook.

The best part was that as Ben scored, it didn't matter what you team you were on. The whole field erupted in excitement, rushing to the touchdown line to celebrate.

The video of Ben's awesome touchdown has been viewed nearly 400,000 times in less than a week. Looks like Ben's gained quite the cheering squad around the globe! Go, Ben, go!

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