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Former first lady Laura Bush likes to occasionally drop the 'F-bomb,' Jenna Bush Hager says

Jenna Bush Hager revealed that her mom, former first lady Laura Bush, likes to occasionally sprinkle conversations with an "F-bomb" for effect.
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever thought former first lady Laura Bush is the type of reserved woman who would never drop an "F-bomb" in conversation, you are mistaken.

Jenna Bush Hager revealed on TODAY Friday that her mother is known to occasionally let one fly for comic effect.

"The other reason why I think it's fun to swear, it's taboo, but it also shocks people, so if you're a person like my mother — my mother..."

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"Who they don't expect,'' Hoda Kotb said.

"Sometimes she does it with friends of hers that are a little bit older, and slightly more conservative, so she'll just go 'F,' 'F,''' Jenna said. "She used to do it to us and we'd like look at our mom and be like 'Moooooom!'"

Jenna admitted that recently she accidentally swore in front of her daughter Mila, 2, who then repeated the word. It didn't go over like the jarring and funny effect of one of her mom's swears.

"It doesn't work for people like us, but for real classy ladies, you're like, 'Moooom!'" Hager said.

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