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Dylan Dreyer’s text with her husband is parenting in a nutshell

"Well that took a turn! #boys"

When TODAY co-host Dylan Dreyer texted her husband Brian Fichera to find out how he fared in getting their three sons to school this morning, she received a mixed response.

First, he texted, "Boys are great!! Morning's good!" Then about 25 minutes later, he added a photo of what appears to be broken glass on a dining table.

Dylan captioned the image, "Well that took a turn! #boys"

The couple seems to have a good sense of humor about raising three young sons: Calvin, 7, Oliver, 4, and Rusty, 2.5.

Dylan has shared a photo of Rusty lying prone on the snow during a family ski trip, she showed the chaos behind creating their Christmas card and she enlisted her kids' help in a very relatable water bottle purge.

But where on earth did the broken glass in the photo come from?

"Brian runs the morning … gets the kids up and fed and dressed and off to school," writes Dylan in an email to

Dylan and her husband have different parenting styles. She continues, "He’s the fun dad but also the disciplinarian. I’ll let the kids jump and roll off the couch, he won’t let them do it at all. I let them play soccer in the house, he says no kicking the ball in the dining room."

It turns out that Brian has a point: "Calvin kicked a soccer ball into the chandelier above the dining table and shattered the glass shade around the bulb! Whoops!!"

Dylan and Brian's sons, from left, Rusty, Ollie and Calvin. Who could stay mad at those cute faces?
Dylan and Brian's sons, from left, Rusty, Ollie and Calvin. Who could stay mad at those cute faces?@dylandreyernbc via Instagram

At work and blissfully unaware of the accident, Dylan asked Brian how the morning went. At 7:45 a.m., he sent the first text sincerely reassuring his wife that all was well. The accident occurred minutes later.

"Of course my first question is: 'Well that’s an old light, how do we replace the glass shade???' He said, 'I don’t know, I’m cleaning up glass.'"

Will Dylan continue to allow soccer in the house? Hard to say. But Calvin is facing consequences for the indoor soccer-playing.

"Needless to say, Cal got into a little trouble for this one," Dylan shares. "He's obsessed with his Fitbit and he’s not allowed to have it back until after school! Maybe I can finally win steps today!"