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Ice, ice ... then baby: These ‘Disney on Ice’ parents went viral with their cool moves

Some parents sing for their kids. These parents skate.

She played Tiana. He played Belle's prince. But these days, their favorite roles are Mom and Dad.

In a super sweet viral video, former 'Disney On Ice' stars Mariyah and Peter Gerber ice skate in their Queen Creek, Arizona home for an audience of one — their 2-year-old son, Aiden.

You can clearly see how much he loves the performance.

Mariyah and Peter's meet cute fittingly occurred while they were performing with "Disney on Ice." It's a tale as old as time ....

Though Mariyah, a competitive skater, had plans to attend college after high school, her grandmother had other ideas. She secretly signed Mariyah up for a "Disney on Ice" audition, which Mariyah aced. She had her audition the day before she graduated, left for tour two weeks later and performed in the show for six years.

Peter's love for skating began on a school field trip when he saw three-time world champion Elvis Stojko do a triple axel. He trained and competed internationally, eventually becoming a two-time Polish national champion in ice dance. He joined "Disney on Ice" after he stopped competing.

The two skaters were skating on different legs of the "Disney on Ice" tour until 2015, when Peter substituted for an injured skater in Pensacola, Florida, where Mariyah happened to be performing.

Mariyah and Peter Gerber
Mariyah and Peter Gerber met while performing with "Disney on Ice." Courtesy Lolo Elizabeth

After they started dating, the skaters were still performing with different partners for about a year. But then they received word that the show was about to end.

"We wanted to stay together, and the easiest way to stay together in the professional skating world is to skate together because you're contracted together no matter what," Mariyah tells

"In the skating world, partners generally start skating first before they date, and we did it the opposite way. We started dating first and then we got the idea of starting to skate together," Peter laughs.

Mariyah and Peter Gerber
Mariyah playing Princess Tiana and Peter as a prince for "Disney on Ice"Courtesy Mariyah Gerber

Learning to skate together wasn't easy.

Peter and Mariyah still had their "regular job" of performing in up to three shows a day, and then they stayed after work to skate together for an hour or two.

"That was a bit challenging, getting into being comfortable skating with one another and good enough that we could actually get a contract together," Mariyah says.

Their persistence paid off.

Mariyah and Peter Gerber
Mariyah and Peter had to learn to skate together ... after they started dating.Courtesy Mariyah Gerber

They earned a two-year contract as pair skaters with Royal Caribbean cruise lines, and then they toured with "Holiday on Ice" in Europe.

These days, Peter and Mariyah are still collaborating as full-time content creators and, of course, as parents. The Gerber Family still likes to lace up their skates from time to time.

In fact, Mariyah skated through her entire pregnancy. Her video elicited comments like, "Gurl ... I was anxious watching this."

Peter and Mariyah put skates on adorable Aiden when he was just 12 months old. At the time, he had only just started walking, "So we just kind of played around with it," Mariyah says.

Today, Aiden is much more confident at walking — and skating.

The “ice” that you see the Gerbers skating on is actually synthetic. “It’s called PolyGlide Ice. They’re basically puzzle pieces and you just clip them together,” Mariyah says.

It's especially sweet that the family can continue skating together given that the Gerbers' performing career ended so abruptly.

"Our last performing show was with 'Holiday on Ice' in Europe," Peter explains. "It was in 2020 when the world stopped, and we never got our last show."

Even once the world and their ice-skating options began reopening, the Gerbers knew that "the options are pretty limited for parents in this space," Mariyah says. Touring ice skaters either had to leave their children at home or find one of the very few shows that do not travel.

Mariyah and Peter Gerber
The family that skates together, stays together.Courtesy Lolo Elizabeth

Because they “still had that performing bug,” Peter says, they started creating videos for social media.

"We're just grateful that we get to share something that we love and have loved for many years, but also have it as our job," Mariyah says.

And their Disney roots are still with them.

"We hadn't watched Disney movies in a long time and then we had a kid and now we watch them every day," Mariyah adds. "We're rediscovering our love of Disney now as parents."