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Eww Dad! Baby is not impressed with her father's silly faces

This reaction of this 1-month-old baby to her dad says everything.
/ Source: TODAY

This baby is only 1 month old, but she already has the "Eww, seriously Dad?!" face of an exasperated teenager down pat.

A dad named Mike posted a video of the frightened reaction by his one-month-old daughter after he tried to entertain her with some funny faces.

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Mike went deep into his repertoire for some lip twiddling, index finger points and head nods.

All that did was make his daughter give him the "What are you doing please make it stop right now oh my God you may be insane" face.

Studies have shown that babies can match emotions in adults at 7 months of age and younger, so Mike may still have another month or two before his daughter is permanently horrified of him.

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"Got my one-month performance review for my new position as Father,'' Mike wrote as a caption to the video. "Not good."

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