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Robert Downey Jr. shares rare post of his kids shaving his head and turning him into a pumpkin

It's a bald — err, bold — new look for the star.
Downey's children helped their dad in a most unexpected way.
Downey's children helped their dad in a most unexpected way.robertdowneyjr via Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Robert Downey Jr. turned an upcoming role into a Halloween memory for his kids.

Over the weekend, the “Iron Man” star posted a video on Instagram showing his children helping him prep for the upcoming miniseries “The Sympathizer” by shaving his head.

In the clip, the Oscar-nominated actor asks son Exton, 10, and daughter Avri, 7, if they can lend him a hand.

Robert Downey Jr.
Downey had an odd request for his children.robertdowneyjr via Instagram

“Sorry to interrupt but I need your help,” Downey asks while his kids are carving pumpkins. “You know how I’m starting this project soon?”

“Yeah. ‘The Sympathizer?’” Avri says.

“Yeah, you’re playing like five roles or something,” Exton adds.

“Right. Well, anyway, I don’t want to have to wear a bald cap, so will you guys shave my head?” Downey asks.

Robert Downey Jr.
Downey's son Exton gets to work.robertdowneyjr via Instagram

“Is that even appropriate?” Avri asks, before we see the children chop off their dad’s locks, set to the 1977 Kansas song “Point of Know Return.”

“Great job, guys. I’ll let you get back to your pumpkin carving, but what do I owe you?” he says when they finish.

The children, who Downey shares with wife Susan, take a moment to whisper to each other before they unveil their master plan.

Robert Downey Jr.
Downey's daughter, Avri, gives his dad an extreme makeover.robertdowneyjr via Instagram

“Keep your money, Avri’s got a better idea,” Exton says.

“I need help with a Halloween project,” Avri says, before her dad’s new look is revealed.

Then Downey is shown dressed in orange with the back of his head painted like a pumpkin.

“Happy Halloween,” Avri says.