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Can you say 'wardrobe malfunction'? Dad's funny outfit for baby goes viral

When Brooke Basso picked her 7-month-old daughter up from daycare, she was quick to text her husband about her outfit, or lack thereof.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Millenial dads often excel at parenting equally with their partners, but when it comes to dressing little girls, the landscape of sundresses, overalls and hair bows can be overwhelming.

For Jeremy Basso, his failed attempt at dressing 7-month-old daughter, Olivia, has become a viral sensation, making moms everywhere laugh and share their own stories of daddy wardrobe disasters.

Jeremy's wife, Brooke, says she initially took the now viral photo of Olivia — which shows the infant in overalls without a shirt underneath — to send to friends and family for a laugh. But, when Jeremy jokingly posted the image to his own Facebook page, Brooke decided to post the image, alongside a hilarious text conversation with her husband about the outfit, to the Ellen DeGeneres Facebook page.

"I had no idea she was dressed like that until I picked her up," Brooke told TODAY Parents. "When I picked her up from daycare, I thought perhaps she spilled out of her diaper and maybe they removed the shirt that I assumed she was brought in."

"Our provider just laughed and said, 'No, Jeremy brought her in like that, and we just thought OK,'" Brooke continued. "We all just laughed about it."

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Moms were quick to share in the comments section of Brooke's post personal tales of times when Dad got a bit mixed up while dressing the baby.

"I went out for a girls night when our daughter was a baby and my husband put Build a Bear clothes on the baby," wrote Kelle Kidd Torregrossa. "I could see the hole where the tail of the stuffed animal was supposed to go."

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"One time my husband thought he was spraying water on my son's curly hair to help tame it before church but it was bleach!" commented Michelle Flehmer Hilburn. "My son's hair had to be cut to get the bleach dye job out! I appreciate the help and it did make for a great story."

ChristiAnne Garvin posted about the time her husband sent their daughter to the sitter wearing cream tights and a cute top. "I got there and was like 'What happened to her skirt?' assuming the outfit was originally complete. My sitter goes 'Oh. No. She came like this.' And then we laughed together."

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Brooke says she and Jeremy have been shocked to see how many similar stories have been shared, and have laughed about how many women have tagged their husbands pointing out that the story sounds familiar.

Brooke Basso says her daughter does have outfits that are more put together than her dad's attempt at overalls.
Brooke Basso says her daughter does have outfits that are more put together than her dad's attempt at overalls.Brooke Basso

So, what does the not-so-fashionable dad have to say for himself about his mistake?

"It was hanging in the closet, and I just grabbed it and thought it was some sort of tank top," said Jeremy. "It was funny after I thought about it. I suppose (dads should) send a picture to their wives if they second guess themselves. But, Olivia didn't seem to mind, so it was all good."