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Busy mom hack? Jessica Biel reveals her unusual shower habit

Life is short, so why not make the most of every minute? That's what actress and multitasking mom Jessica Biel does, as she recently proved with a morning pic on Instagram.

The in-shower shot she posted reveals an empty plate and a hot cup of joe right alongside rushing water.

"Yes. I eat in the shower," Biel wrote in the caption. "I admit it. Chicken apple sausage and espresso."

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If you're wondering what prompted this soggy breakfast, the star didn't say, but any mother of an 18-month-old — like Biel and husband Justin Timberlake's baby boy, Silas — might have a couple of good guesses.

For instance, maybe there was really only time to grab breakfast or a shower, so Biel got creative. Or perhaps, Silas is at the your-food-is-my-food stage, and the shower was the only safe spot for a bite of her own.

Or just maybe, she's discovered that the bathroom is the ultimate in-home retreat for any mom who wants a few moments — or a long shower's worth — of peace and privacy.

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Regardless of the reason, Biel recommends the practice.

"Try it," she wrote. "I dare you. #ShowerEats"

And as she established in a post days earlier, this isn't her first time noshing while bathing.

Eating in the shower...we all do that...right? #ShowerEats

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Sausage in the shower? We're sold on it.

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Jessica Biel on motherhood and giving back

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Jessica Biel on motherhood and giving back

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