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The Bella twins give updates on their 'Viking babies,' teething and more

The twin sisters reminisced about being the tall kids growing up themselves.
/ Source: TODAY

Twin sisters and former WWE stars Brie and Nikki Bella have shared many experiences, including being pregnant at the same time earlier this year and giving birth to baby boys within hours of one another.

Now, the "Total Bellas" stars are sharing a few updates on their 9-week-old sons' development — and apparently, they might have some future wresters in the family.

On "The Bellas Podcast," the duo shared that Buddy and Matteo have more in common than being born in the same week.

"I forget that I have Viking babies," Brie said while sharing an update on baby Buddy, who recently went through a growth spurt and surprised his mom by fitting into a hand-me-down onesie from older sister, Birdie, 3. "I was like, 'There's no way he can fit into this,' and he fits into it. He was in the ninety-third or ninety-fourth percentile, but now he must be a lot bigger than what I'm realizing."

Brie added that her daughter, Birdie, often towers over kids older than she is at the playground as well.

The twins, now 36, recalled being bigger than their classmates when they were kids.

"We were always tall," Nikki said, "until eighth grade when people started growing over us. Remember how fast we grew? We looked like teenagers walking around elementary school — we were 5'5" in elementary school but then we made it to 5'6" and we stopped."

Like his cousin Buddy, Nikki's baby Matteo, born on July 31, is also growing quickly.

"Matteo's length is in the ninetieth percentile," Nikki shared. "My baby boy is teething at nine weeks. We went to the doctor because here, I'm like, 'Did my baby get COVID? He has a fever. I'm terrified,' But no, my baby's teething at nine weeks."

"He's going to probably be walking and speaking Russian with a full set of teeth in his mouth at seven months," Nikki, who is engaged to Matteo's father, "Dancing With the Stars" partner Artem Chigvintsev, joked. "I mean, who knows."

As a second-time mom, Brie had some important teething-related advice for her breastfeeding sister.

"Watch out for those nips," she said. "I'll never forget when Birdie bit me ... It sent stinging pain through my brain, outside my toes. I screamed so loud and it freaked her out, but Nicole, be careful."

Nikki also shared that baby Matteo already seems more rough-and-tumble, guessing he'll follow in her footsteps instead of his ballroom dancer father's.

"His personality seems like he may be more of a wrestler," said the new mom, who recently shared her battle with postpartum depression on a previous episode of the podcast. "He's very much mommy."