'Best Time Ever' host Neil Patrick Harris is no helicopter parent

/ Source: TODAY

Neil Patrick Harris, as TODAY's Matt Lauer noted during his visit to the show Monday, is an "entertainment machine." Totally true; his latest venture for TV, "Best Time Ever," premieres on NBC Tuesday.

But the real show is back at home with Harris' kids (their other dad is David Burtka), Gideon and Harper, who are preparing to go to pre-K in New York City.

Neil Patrick Harris with David Burtka and their kids Gideon and Harper.TODAY

That can be a fraught time for any parent, even "entertainment machine" ones, but Harris seems pretty cool about the whole thing. If anyone's going to melt down when they go, he said, it'll be "Them, more than us."

That's because he's no helicopter parent — he knows school is the right next step for them. "We spend our time trying to amuse them and teach them things, but I'm not an educator for children by design, right?" he noted. "So I'd rather send them to people who love teaching them and know how to do it in the most appropriate way for them."

Neil Patrick Harris, preparing for his "Best Time Ever."NBC / Getty Images Contributor

So when do they start school? This Wednesday! Here's hoping there are no meltdowns for anyone.

"Best Time Ever" premieres Tuesday Sept. 15 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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