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8 inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids that are scary for the wrong reasons

We're not really sure who is making the decisions about these eyebrow-raising Halloween costumes for kids.
Baby wearing marijuana costume
Baby marijuana, Anne Frank-inspired, and cigarette costumes for kids are just a few of the dress-up options that have us scratching our heads this year.TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

It's officially October, which means parents are brainstorming creative Halloween costumes for kids. Halloween is all about pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination, but should there be a line, when it comes to kid costumes?

While the following costumes may seem cringe-worthy, they are all available at retailers in kid sizes. We reached out to the sellers for comment, but received none.

Here are 8 costumes that will scare you for the wrong reasons this Halloween:

Quarantine zombie

Party City

While plenty of quarantine jokes abound, more than four million people have been lost to COVID-19 worldwide since the pandemic began. Making light of a virus that has destroyed many families should be avoided, so it might be best to skip Party City's quarantine zombie costume.

Baby marijuana costume

Brandon Sale

Marketed as "Pot for Tots" (just...why?), this baby marijuana costume might earn laughs from friends now and have kids asking quite a few questions later in life.

Child's gangster boy costume

Brandon Sale

A man's first suit...and semi-automatic weapon. The child's gangster boy costume is "for anyone looking to scare people in a menacing way." Given the rate of school shootings, consider us terrified.

Baby cigarette

Brandon Sale

Babies and drugs are two topics that should be kept separate unless they're in a PSA, so dressing your child up as a tobacco product in a cigarette costume seems like an odd choice.

Teen diva prisoner girl

Brandon Sale

The combination of teens, prison, and being "naughty" in the description of this diva prisoner costume geared toward teenage women have us asking a lot of questions.

Sexy cop costume

Halloween Costumes

Being a police officer is an honorable profession for men and women, so why do the girls have to wear a short skirt and knee high boots in the female version of the costume?

Homeless costume


For many people, being homeless is a reality, not a cute dress-up idea. Avoid costumes that stereotype poverty or being homeless, like this "Lil Hobo" from Amazon.

Evacuee costume

Fancy Dress for You

While this costume description does not explicitly say Anne Frank, the details are similar to an outfit the famed diarist and Holocaust victim wore. The costume, which features a green beret, blue dress and brown satchel, is marketed as a "World War II Evacuee Girl."