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Put the sweet in trick-or-treat with these ingenious kid costume ideas

Do costumes seem more trick than treat? We've put together a ton of creative ideas to help inspire you this Halloween.
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Do children's costumes seem like more trick than treat this Halloween? The sheer number of choices can create option paralysis.

Should you dress your daughter up as her favorite animal? Your son as his favorite Disney character? Can the twins tolerate matching pumpkin outfits? And do you have enough crafty brain cells to assemble the costume yourself, or are you marching to the store?

To help you get this decision over with to focus on the real important stuff -- what kind of candy to buy! -- we've gathered together dozens of creative ideas to help inspire you this Halloween.

1.Easy Halloween costumes you can make for the kids (we promise!)

Creatively Christy

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3. Halloween DIY Inspiration

Carolyn Sanders

4. Trendy Halloween costumes for kids

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5. DIY octopus costume out of an umbrella

6. Old school pop-culture

Amie Koporc / Facebook

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7. Get inspiration from the little queen of costumes

8. 20 Halloween costumes perfect for your baby

9. Punny and funny Halloween costumes for kids

10. Amazing wheelchair costumes for kids

Cassie McLelland

11. Costume ideas for the perfect kid-pet-duo

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12. Double duty costumes

Amanda Kingloff

13. Costumes under $35


14. Double trouble! Costumes for twins

These Four No More

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15. See how these families dressed their multiples for Halloween

Courtesy of Cuculich family

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