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Who is Mark Johnson, and why did his TV station tweet his name?

He suspects his teenage daughters are in on this strange occurrence.
/ Source: TODAY

Anchor Mark Johnson is an important member of the KTVB-TV staff — so much so that on Tuesday night someone on the social media desk for the Boise, Idaho, NBC affiliate tweeted out a link to Mark Johnson's bio (complete with professional photo), and his name.

And nothing else.

You know, just so we can all be in the loop about Mark Johnson.

Then in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Mark Johnson's account tweeted something quite similar — his name:

After that, things completely took off, as both tweets racked up thousands upon thousands of likes and over 1,600 comments.

One of which was Mark Johnson's (again):

"This is pretty hilarious but I’m pretty sure my teenage daughters had something to do with this," he wrote. "All I can say is that I WILL get them back for this! (But probably not)."

And that tweet is on its way to going viral, with another couple of thousands of likes!

Here are a few things we learned about Mark Johnson, after clicking through the tweet about Mark Johnson and reading Mark Johnson's bio:

  • He's got an Emmy
  • He's been with Idaho's NewsChannel 7 since April 1996
  • His favorite place on Earth is KTVB
  • He has a degree in radio-TV-film from the University of Missouri-Columbia
  • He and his wife, Chris (from Baraboo, Wisconsin) are big Green Bay Packers fans
  • He loves GOLF
  • He loves long e-bike rides with his wife

Now, there's no indication that Mark Johnson's twin teen daughters, Alexa or Grace (mentioned in the bio), are troublemakers at heart, but Mark Johnson is a reporter, and he's probably used to getting his facts straight while reporting.

Mark Johnson's station declined TODAY's request for comment but he did do an entire segment about going viral in the station's 4 p.m. newscast on Wednesday.

"I have to tell you, it's something I don't fully understand," he said, adding that he'd updated his bio with some new details and then the web team had accidentally shared it out.

"My phone blew up from friends around the country who watched it unfold late into the night," he said. "It was pretty nuts."

He concluded that he was happy to go along with the joke, especially after the long year we've all had.

"In trying to process this today, I landed on this: After everything we have all been through in this past year and with so many looking for even a momentary diversion and a little levity from the daily grind, if this little Twitter event provided that, then I guess I can chuckle along with everyone else at my expense," he said.