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Harrowing video shows speeding driver crashing into police traffic stop at 120 mph

A dashcam video shows a Virginia police officer nearly getting crushed by an out-of-control car careening across two lanes.

A harrowing video shows a Virginia police officer leaping out of the way at the last second to avoid being crushed by a speeding car spinning out of control across a highway.

Dashcam footage released by Fairfax County Police showed a patrol officer speaking with a driver through the window at a traffic stop around 11:38 a.m. on May 1 when a black car traveling the other way on Fairfax County Parkway lost control.

The vehicle, a 2018 BMW M3, crossed the grass median and careened backward across two lanes before slamming into the stopped car.

The spinning car appeared to clip the officer's right leg as he scrambled out of the way.

The driver of the BMW was a 17-year-old going “well over 120 mph," Fairfax Police Chief Kevin Davis told NBC Washington.

The driver in the car that was struck by the out-of-control BMW was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and released, police said. The officer, whose name was not released, sustained minor injuries, police said.

“It’s just miraculous,” Davis said at a news conference.

In the video, the officer can be seen hopping the guardrail and collecting himself before getting on the radio to call for help.

“It’s quite the story for him to eventually tell,” Davis said at the news conference. “But right now, he’s just glad to be alive.

The teen driver of the BMW M3 and two teen passengers sustained minor injuries, police said. The 17-year-old was charged with reckless driving.