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Pope Francis shouts at pushy crowd in Mexico: 'Don't be selfish'

Pope Francis displayed a rare flash of irritation in Mexico on Tuesday when an overzealous crowd toppled him onto a man in a wheelchair.
/ Source: TODAY

A rare moment on Tuesday showed that even someone as tranquil as Pope Francis isn't immune to a flash of frustration.

During his five-day trip to Mexico, Pope Francis temporarily lost his cool when eager supporters at a stadium in the city of Morelia tugged on his sleeve from behind a barrier, causing him to fall forward onto a man in a wheelchair.

Giving them a stern look and a wave of the hand, he admonished them in Spanish, saying, "Don't be selfish. Don't be selfish."

The Pope, who often eschews the bulletproof Popemobile in favor of an open-topped vehicle to be closer to his followers, then waved to the crowd for a few more minutes before leaving.

On Wednesday, he will hold a large outdoor Mass in the Mexican city of Juarez, which is located just across the border from El Paso, Texas, and has been a violent front in the drug war. He also plans on speaking to inmates at a local prison and visiting the U.S.-Mexico border.

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