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Police in Ohio under scrutiny after officer unleashes dog on Black man following highway pursuit

Disturbing body camera footage showed a police dog attacking Jadarrius Rose, a truck driver who had surrendered with his hands up following a pursuit on July 4.

An Ohio police department is facing questions after newly released body camera video showed a K-9 officer unleashing a dog on a Black man who had appeared to surrender with his hands up.

Footage released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol showed a state trooper repeatedly warning an officer with the local Circleville Police Department not to release a police dog on Jadarrius Rose, 23, after a what authorities said was a highway pursuit on July 4.

“Do not release the dog with his hands up,” the trooper calls out in the video.

Despite the warnings, the Circleville officer unleashed the dog, the video showed. The animal attacked Rose, who was kneeling with his hands up, biting him and pulling on him as he cried out for help.

State police said the incident outside Columbus occurred after an attempted traffic stop. Rose was driving a semi truck that was "missing a left rear mud flap," according to an incident report by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Rose failed to stop for inspection and led police on "a lengthy pursuit" that lasted around 30 minutes, according to the report. Stop sticks were deployed and the semi truck came to a halt on U.S. Route 23, police said.

In the bodycam video, Rose can be seen standing with his hands up after getting out of the truck. Officials said he called 911 himself before exiting the truck and raising his hands.

That's when state police say local Circleville Police Officer Ryan Speakman deployed his K-9 dog, which initially ran toward other authorities at the scene before Speakman appeared to command it in Rose's direction.

During the attack, one of the officers can be heard yelling, "Get the dog off of him!"

One state trooper is seen on video walking away with her hands over her face. In another moment, the state trooper who called out not to unleash the dog asks, "Was I not loud enough?"

"You said three or four times," another officer replies.

NBC News has reached out to Speakman and the Circleville Police Department and has not received any response. The department is reviewing Speakman's conduct, according to a report by The Columbus Dispatch.

Police provided first aid to Rose, who was handcuffed. He was treated at a local hospital and charged with failure to comply with order or signal of police officer, authorities said.

Records showed Rose has been released from jail. He and his attorney declined comment to NBC News.

Nana Watson, the president of the Columbus NAACP, told NBC News the video reminded her of dogs being unleashed on Civil Rights activists in the 1960s.

"That an officer would unleash a dog on a Black man that had his hands in the air and was on his knees ... We were mortified by that behavior," Watson said.