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On new tape, Gibson shouts he has no money

On the fifth piece of audio released by RadarOnline, the actor is heard shouting that, after making tens of millions of dollars during his career, he now doesn't have any money.
/ Source: Us Weekly

Another day, another terrifying Mel Gibson tape.

On the fifth piece of audio released Thursday by RadarOnline, the actor, 54, absolutely loses it during another heated conversation with ex Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he has an 8 1/2-month-old daughter, Lucia. (Listen to the audio here. Warning: explicit, offensive content.)

Gibson is first heard shouting that, after making tens of millions of dollars during his career, he now “doesn't have any f---ing money!” (He reportedly had no prenup with ex-wife Robyn when they split last year, meaning she may have walked away with about $450 million).

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He claims his relationship with Grigorieva, 40, cost him $5 million (he claims he even sold his Los Angeles Lakers box seats for her).

“F---in’ user! You f---in’ used me! I will never forgive you!” he screams before taking a series of scary breaths to regain his composure.

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When Grigorieva tells him, "You're very mean," he really goes crazy. "I’d like to show you what mean really is!" he shouts before spewing a series of expletives at her.

“Look at yourself. And look what you’ve done. Look what you’ve f---ing done! Look at your son. He’s a f---ing mess. You f---ing excuse for a mother. You’re a f---ing bitch!”

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Though Gibson's rep has yet to comment on the authenticity of the audio, a an audio expert who has worked for the FBI and CIA said on the Today show Thursday that the tapes are legit, USA Today points out.

The audio clips will be discussed at court Thursday morning when Grigorieva's lawyers appear before a family law judge asking that Gibson be stripped of custody of their daughter due to the graphic nature of the tapes.