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Look — and smell — sweet with this jewelry

Don't want to travel with your perfume bottle? No problem. Dannielle Romano of presents the latest trend in accessories.
/ Source: Weekend Today

From lip gloss rings to perfume watches, you can look — and smell — your best with the coolest accessories. Dannielle Romano, editor-at-large of, shares the latest trend in jewelry.

Scent by Alexis
These are artful and beautifully guilded lockets you can wear and smell. Open up the locket and you'll find solid perfume you can apply on your neck. Just last year, classically-trained painter Alexis Karl launched this line of hand-blended, intoxicating fragrances. The collection is inspired by the way elixirs and potions were developed in ancient Greece, Egypt, and China. At the core of the collection are solid perfumes encased in precious, unique lockets. Everything about By Alexis is made by hand, from the mixing of the all-natural oils to the gilding of the lockets. The design of the line is based on the idea that each piece is a treasure. It's an artistic and old world approach to a modern must-have. And the scents are as beguiling as the antique-seeming lockets. $100,

Pixi Lip Silk Necklace
The bijoux silver key chain necklace sports a leatherette pouch containing lip gloss. So instead of carrying lip products in a purse, you can simply wear it around your neck. This is a perfect item for the woman who's always on the go and doesn't have time to carry around lipstick and wants to keep her hands free. The sheer nude pink lip gloss looks great on everyone. $25,

Island Michael Kors Solid Perfume Pendant
Michael Kors is known for designing clothes that are at once sleek and feminine, never fussy or overdone. He's carried that aesthetic to his line of fragrances, and packaged one of them in an incredibly chic way. It's a silver pendant that slides open to reveal his summery fragrance, Island Michael Kors. Very glamorous looking on its own, but the solid perfume inside makes it indispensable for summer weekends away. Who wants to carry a fragile perfume bottle on planes, trains and automobiles? And why not look jet-setty while you're at it? $45, Sephora

Anna Sui Ring Rouge for Lips
A glamorous black rose on one's finger makes a dramatic statement anytime. But like the legendary beauty and spy of James Bond, you have secrets. The top of the rose snaps open and within is a tiny pot of moisturizing lip color. Very, very exotic. Five colors of lip rouge from which to choose, one very cool look. This is great for all ages, it looks like Bakelite jewelry and accents any outfit. $12, Victoria Secret

John Hardy Ayu Scented Ring
If you have money to burn, you may want to splurge on this memorable gift. It's as precious as a rare flower, and inspired by one. John Hardy is a jewelry designer who lives and works with his wife and family in Bali. They crafted this flower-shaped ring the last time the Night Blooming Jasmine on their property opened — at dusk the flowers exude an extraordinary fragrance. The silver flower that crowns the ring twists off from the mount, revealing a fragrance pad that can be replenished or changed. So if you're back at work from your summer break, simply put on this perfume ring and you'll be able to take the summer spirit with you. $995,, Neiman Marcus and Saks

Christian Dior Silver Chain Bracelet
Named “Gourmette,” this edgy, elegant, couture-inspired silver chain bracelet rocks any wrist. It has an embossed Dior logo on the cuff piece, which contains a secret compartment of two shades of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss (pink shimmer and light bronze shimmer). It adds some character to the most refined outfit or dresses up simple denim looks. The perfect accessory for any age and any occasion, compliments every wardrobe. This is a limited edition item. $70, Sephora

Hard Candy Charm Bracelet
The cuff style charm bracelet that does double duty — looks cute and carries your lip gloss on your wrist. The bracelet is studded with grommets and comes with two mini lip gloss vial charms, a heart, and a dog or cat charm. You can add more charms and make it your own. Also has two snap closures that allow you to adjust the size. Comes in a cute keepsake box. Grandmothers, mothers, and daughters love this item. $16,

Venexx Perfume Watch
First of its kind — a fashionable stainless steel watch that you can wear to work or play. It has Swiss movement, a leather strap, is 30 meter water resistant, and allows 60 spray dosages. Simply turn the bezel downward, and you can spray perfume. Best part is you can open the tank and fill it with the perfume of your choice. Every perfume watch comes with a whole set of accessories (funnel, pipette, strap changing tool and a Venexx perfume sample) and is packed in a stylish aluminum box. $180,

Key chain
Lisa Jenks for Origins Ginger Essence Solid Perfume Compact Key Chain Renowned jewelry and accessories designer Lisa Jenks is known for her high end jewelry sold at fine department stores. She recently teamed up with Estee Lauder's Origins and created jewelry you can wear as either a bracelet or key chain. Her latest design is the solid perfume compact key chain. $65, Origins

Cosmetic bag
Paul and Joe Makeup Bags
Beloved French label Paul and Joe has come up with some exquisite makeup bags that do double-duty as the loveliest clutches you could find. They're designed by Sophie Albou. They're cut from ornately-patterned, vintage-like fabrics — like nothing you've seen before. There are small compartments inside that will hold your gear, like brushes, combs, lipstick, money, etc. and no one will think you're carrying anything but something intended as a handbag. It's two for the price of one. Cosmetic bag: $62, pouch: $36; Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman