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'A life well lived': Kathie Lee remembers Frank Gifford during Israel trip

Kathie Lee's recent trip to Israel brought back vivid memories of her husband Frank Gifford.
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On a recent trip to Israel, Kathie Lee Gifford visited Caesarea on the coast of the country, where it brought back vivid memories of spending time there with husband Frank Gifford four years ago.

Caesarea is known for its magnificent temples, castle ruins and towers constructed by King Herod during biblical times.

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Ben Wierda

It's also the site of the Hippodrome, a venue that resembles a modern day stadium, and Kathie Lee shared how the sportscaster in Frank came alive during their most recent trip.

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford while on a trip to Israel in 2012.Kathie Lee Gifford

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"He jumped up here, went over to the edge and said, 'Good evening, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Giants stadium. It's a roaring crowd tonight. The Hippodrome is full of people just anxious for a good fight!'" Kathie Lee remembers.


"I have a million memories of being here with him," Kathie Lee said. "They're all good."

While surrounded by family and friends who were sitting in the Roman stadium, Kathie Lee paid tribute to Frank. It was exactly seven months to the day after he passed away.

Kathie Lee Gifford with her two kids Cody and Cassidy on their recent trip to Israel.Yael Federbush

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"In the last year he said to me, 'Honey I am not afraid [to die]. I am really starting to get very curious [about Heaven].'" Kathie Lee told the group.

Kathie Lee still remains at complete peace knowing where Frank is now.

Kathie Lee and Frank attend at the City of Hope-East End Chapter 2010 Spirit of Life Award luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria in 2010.Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

"I know with all my heart. He saw Jesus, and Jesus took his breath away," a tearful Kathie Lee said.

She recalls the moment in 2012 where Frank's faith in God deepened. It was when he visited the Valley of Elah, the site described in the Bible as the place where shepherd boy David killed Goliath with only one stone and a slingshot.


"He [Frank] learned the difference between knowing about God and knowing God," she said.

This story was inspiration behind the new song "What Is Your Stone" Kathie Lee wrote, along with songwriter David Pomeranz. The duo collaborated on four other songs based on scriptures and Kathie Lee's personal story of faith.

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Kathie Lee Gifford and songwriter David Pomeranz while on a recent trip to Israel. They've been collaborating for 15 years.Yael Federbush

Even though her husband of 28 years has passed away, she lives with joy given the dynamic life she shared with Frank.

"We rejoice in his life, a life well lived. We rejoice in a race well run," a grateful Kathie Lee said. "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us."

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