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Harry Styles describes being robbed at knifepoint on Valentine's Day

He was surrounded by a group of robbers while walking home.
Image: Today - Season 69
The 26-year-old pop singer was on his way home when he was robbed by a group of men.Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Thank goodness he’s OK!

Harry Styles has revealed more details about what happened when he was robbed at knifepoint on Valentine’s Day.

In an interview with The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio, the singer, 26, said he was walking home from a friend’s house in London when a group of men with hoods and covered faces began following him.

“The guys cross the road and, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s weird,’” he said. “I cross the street again and they cross the street again, and I’m like, ‘Oh, for f---’s sake, I think I’m about to get robbed.’”

Image: Today - Season 69
The singer shared the scary details of his robbery in an interview with Howard Stern. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Styles said the men approached him and asked, "'Can we talk to you for a minute?' And there's nobody around, my heart's pounding." He said the men first tried to offer him marijuana, and when he refused, they surrounded him. When he saw they had knives, he gave them his cash.

Then, they asked him to unlock his phone, which contained his contact list, music videos, unreleased song lyrics and other personal information. Styles refused, and when they told him he had 10 seconds to unlock his phone, he considered throwing the device into a nearby pond.

Image: Today - Season 69
Styles performed on TODAY recently, and said he's doing OK after being mugged last month. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

But then he saw a chance to escape. 'I just felt an opportunity. I just sprinted, ran,' he told Stern. He quickly moved into the road and tried to flag down a driver for help.

“I ran into the road and I tried to stop a car,” he recounted. “Obviously if a mad man runs into the road and tries to get in your car you’re not gonna let them in, so they don’t let me in.”

Image: Today - Season 69
Styles said he tried to stop nearby drivers for help, but that no one let him in. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

After that, he just kept running toward his home, and luckily the men didn’t pursue him further. He soon filed a police report, and during his recent visit to the TODAY plaza, he reassured fans that he’s doing OK.

And, as he told Stern, this frightening incident hasn't deterred him from being out and about on his own.

"I went walking again the next day, because I didn't want it to stop me walking," he said. "I walk a lot of nights when I'm home because I really like it."