Growing up royal: Check out Queen Elizabeth's childhood toys

Exhibition curator Anna Reynolds poses with dolls and a wicker toy pram belonging to Britain's Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret.

A wicker pram, a pink bunny-themed tea set, Parisian figurines and other toys from Queen Elizabeth’s childhood form the centerpiece of a London exhibit that will give visitors this summer an idea of what it's like to grow up as royalty.

A two-year-old Princess Elizabeth with her pram at her Piccadilly, London, home in 1928.

The queen’s toys will be just a part of the Royal Childhood exhibition opening at Buckingham Palace on July 26 and running through Sept. 28.

Kirsty Wigglesworth / Today
This pink tea set, that belonged to Queen Elizabeth as a child, will be among the childhood toys and gifts for royalty.

Childhood toys, outfits and other items featured in the exhibit were gathered from the Royal Collection, the Royal Archives and the private collections of the royal family.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on a rocking horse, August 1932.

Together, the items span more than 250 years and will include several pieces used by the newest member of the monarch’s immediate family, Prince George.

Two Parisian dolls belonging to the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

For example, the silver-gilt Lily Font used in the infant’s baptism last October — and originally commissioned by Queen Victoria for her daughter's 1841 christening — will be on display as part of the exhibit. 

A toy horse on wheels from the 1930s.

The exhibit will also include previously unseen photographs and film footage of royal family members.

Princess Elizabeth with one of her Parisian dolls.