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Gene Shalit goes cuckoo for calendars

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Each year in December, as part of our special “Countdown to Christmas” series, the “Today” show’s Gene Shalit takes a look at the most unusual and distinctive calendars for the coming year, and shares his top choices for great gift giving. This time around, Gene visited a small town clock shop to tick through his choices. Here are the selections he discussed on “Today.”

Gene Shalit's best of 2005 calendar list:

"365 Tiny Paper Airplanes"
2005 Page-A-Day Box Calendarby Ken Blackburn & Jeff LammersPublished by Workman$11.95

"The Official 2005 Sports Fanatic's Walmanac"
Featuring the most comprehensive collection of game dates, historical information and sporting milestones available in a wall calendar.Published by Ronnie Sellers Productions, Inc. in conjunction with Infofan Publications, Inc.www.makefun.com800-625-3386$12.99

"Procrastinator's Planner for 2005"
The weekly survival guide to accomplishing this year’s tasks … later.By Susan Cohan Hoffman with Lila CarrollPublished by Andrews McMeel Publishing$12.99

"The Ecological Calendar 2005"
A new way to experience time.Published by$14.99

"Coots 2005 Calendar"
A comprehensive and objective study of their habits and behavior.Published by Ronnie Sellers Productions, Inc.www.makefun.com800-625-3386$12.99

"Biddys 2005 Calendar"
An exhaustive study of the occupations and recreations of those ladies with the big hats and little dogs.Published by Ronnie Sellers Productions, Inc.www.makefun.com800-625-3386$12.99

"The 2005 Red Hats Calendar"
With paintings by Susan WingetPublished by Main Street$13.95

"The Pop-Up Ancient Egypt Calendar 2005"
Published by Universe$13.99

"Dogs Playing Poker 2005 Calendar"
The Masterpieces of C.M. CoolidgePublished by Workman$11.95

"The Tie Diary 2005 Calendar"
52 weeks of men’s neckwear.Published by Workman$13.95

"Life 2005"
The Cummings & Good Calendar(This is the calendar that comes in a can)Published by Cummings & Goodwww.cummings-good.com866-749-4444$30.00

"Great Authors, Great Books 2005"
By D.B. JohnsonPublished by$12.99

"The Little Rascals 2005 Calendar"
Published by$12.99

"Spongebob Squarepants"
A 12-month 2005 CalendarPublished by$13.99

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