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Boy, 7, and man, 64, answer life's questions in adorable viral video

Posted Tuesday on YouTube, the four-minute video featuring an intergenerational conversation already has more than 175,000 views.
/ Source: TODAY

Advanced age isn't required for words of wisdom, as a new viral video featuring an intergenerational conversation proves.

On Tuesday, the Irish-based video-content producer Facts posted a funny, sad and sweet YouTube video of a chat between a 7-year-old boy and a 64-year-old man as they discussed life, love and aging.

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"What is the worst thing about being young?" asks the man, who reads his question from an index card, in the video that already has more than 175,000 views.

The boy replies with a laugh, "Well, you get lots of homework."

When the boy asks his interview subject about the worst aspect of being old, the man pauses for a moment, then replies, "Not being able to do things that you could do when you were young," and discusses how illness can be more frequent.

The boy later realizes he's pretty lucky. "The only time I went to a hospital is [when] my mom [was there] to get me born," notes the boy, who adorably mispronounces "hospital" as "hop-sital."

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Answering another question, the man recalls his younger days playing "Cowboys and Indians," and the boy exclaims, "That's what I play!" The man later contends, "I could be an older cowboy. I might do it yet."

Considering what it would be like if he falls in love, the boy abandons his earlier description of married life ("That'd be eww.") to envision a marriage and having one or more babies. "Even though I'll have to change his diaper, it'll be fun," he says. And if that baby cries, the boy has a foolproof solution: "I'll just sing like Ed Sheeran to him."

The boy's eyes widen while the man recalls a sad love story. "I fell in love late," he said. "Unfortunately, my partner, she passed away." When the boy says he's going to cry, and brings the back of his hand to his right eye to wipe it, the man tells him not to, and adds, "These things happen. That's life. But I have very good memories. And often time, you live in your head with memories. You can remember all the good things, and that's the important thing."

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The video concludes with each participant offering advice to the other. "You don't have to be rich to be happy," the man says. "Do the things you like doing that make you feel good, because when you're happy yourself, everybody else is happy."

The boy offered similar sentiments. "Don't be silly. Don't bully lots of people. … My friend Alex in school, whenever he gets hurt, I hug him."

The man agrees that that's a good way to live. "And be yourself," the man says. "Don't let other people tell you what you should be."

The video ends with the boy initiating a handshake and a hug — and likely evoking some tears among the viewers watching it all unfold.

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