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4 ways to stay on top of your New Year's resolutions

As we enter the second week of the New Year, it's more important than ever to stay on top of those New Year's resolutions, making them a regular habit that you're more likely to stick with in the long-term. To help, as part of TODAY's #StartTODAY series, Jenna Wolfe, Jean Chatzky, Joy Bauer and Jill Martin share four tips to keep you on top of your resolutions, whether it's working out more, eating better, saving money or staying organized. 

1. Schedule your workouts ahead of time

Grab a calendar and write down your workouts for the week to increase the odds that you'll really make it to the gym. Jenna Wolfe recommends taking some time over the weekend to check your gym schedule, see what classes are available and what the weather will be like if you're looking to workout outside. "If you're organized right here, you'll be organized out there," she says. 

2. Put your money aside

Getting a raise is fantastic, but Jean Chatzky says the problem is that people don't let their raises make a significant difference. "Let's say you get a raise for $1,500, divide it by the number of weeks in the year, and that comes out to roughly $29 a week," she says. 

Chatzky recommends setting up an automatic transfer for the amount of your raise. That way, you'll automatically have that money in your savings account, rather than in your checking, where you might be tempted to spend it on unnecessary purchases.

3. Pre-make a week of healthy food

Take advantage of the time you have over the weekend to pre-make some healthy meals for nights when you're tired and tempted to order in. Pick a couple of recipes and double or triple the amount of the recipe. "This way, you have lots left over and you can pre-portion them in containers," Joy Bauer says. "Label the tops and then stockpile them right in the freezer." 

4. Organize your jewelry

Organizing large rooms, closets, garages or houses can seem overwhelming. But there's one thing almost every woman can organize quickly — their jewelry. Get a head start today by organizing your clumps of necklaces and bracelets with a few wall hooks from a drug store or pharmacy. Hang every necklace on a hook, this way, Jill Martin says, "every necklace, every bracelet, has a home, and they don't get tangled."