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Thirsty lions lick a tent as camper films from inside

Watch a trio of lionesses lick the outside of a tent while a tourist films from inside at an African wildlife preserve.
/ Source: TODAY

What some people would call a terrifying encounter with lions only inches away, this South African tourist called a "special" encounter.

Francie Lubbie showed that wake-up calls are a little bit different when you camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park — a wildlife preserve located in South Africa and Botswana — with a video of lions licking rain off the outside of her thin tent in the early morning.

The rain had fallen overnight, and Lubbie and a fellow tourist awoke to see a trio of lionesses licking the drops only inches away.

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Without panicking she filmed it from the inside of the tent, writing that "it was special" in a post on Facebook. TODAY reached out to Lubbie for comment but hasn't gotten a response.

Luckily the lionesses didn't have a taste for suntan lotion and scotch, which were only inches from where they were getting an early-morning drink.

She also posted some pictures from the close encounter, writing: "What a privilege. It rained during the night and 3 lioness licking (sic) the water from the tent."

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