'It's a life-changer': Willie's favorite app will tell you where to go 

Spending time in a new town and not sure where to go? Willie has an app for that.

Willie's pick for the Orange Room App of the Week is "Field Trip," an app designed to help you find cool things nearby in real-time.

In the Orange Room, he pointed out all of the restaurants near Rockefeller Center, and which movies had been shot nearby — like Radio City Music Hall, from "The Godfather."

"It's a life-changer," Willie said.

When you download the app to your iPhone or Android, it will run in the background of your device. You tell "Field Trip" about your interests, and it will then prioritize suggestions of nearby locations of interest. As you approach something the app thinks you'll find interesting, it will launch a pop-up with details about the suggested location.

The app is powered by publications such as Zagat, Thrillist and TimeOut, pulling suggestions for you on trendy places to visit, shows to see and restaurants to grab a meal.

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