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Doctorate degrees in deceit: Fake diplomas for sale online look like real thing

Rossen Reports found fake college degrees from dozens of sites. And while using these phony documents can be illegal, buying them is not.
/ Source: TODAY

A Rossen Reports investigation found fake college degrees available from dozens of online sites. And while it can be illegal to use these phony but realistic-looking documents, it's perfectly legal to buy them.

The practice is "a travesty," said Judith Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. "I think the intent is to confuse people and to mislead them."

There's even a site offering fake resumes, which will provide references for nonexistent experience. The owner of called it "a valuable service."

But phony credentials don't come cheap: The fake resume service charges up to $200, and TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen paid $440 for a fake Ph.D. in physics and phony transcripts from Harvard.

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