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Here are the top 10 companies to work for in the United States

LinkedIn ranked companies based on the career support that they offer to their employees.
/ Source: TODAY

LinkedIn released its annual list of the top companies to work for in the United States, but this year, instead of focusing on the most desirable workplaces, the professional networking site looked at the best place for workers to enhance their careers.

To develop its rankings, the Microsoft-owned company looked at career-oriented metrics like promotions, skill development, tenure, employee retention and employee growth. All of the 50 companies on the list are hiring, with more than 300,000 positions currently available.

Below is LinkedIn's list of the top U.S. companies to work for in 2021.

1. Amazon

The tech giant has committed $700 million to employee upskilling programs through 2025. This includes a tuition-free academy to help nontechnical employees transition into technical careers and a separate program that offers training in robotics careers. The company also offers a 16-week paid returnship program, which assists people who are resuming their careers after experiencing a year or more of underemployment or unemployment.

The company aims to return to the office soon, aiming to be an "office-centric culture" when its workplaces reopen this fall.

2. Alphabet Inc.

Google's parent company offers rotation programs and "20% projects" that allow employees to spend one-fifth of their working hours on business assignments that might add value to the company. The organization also offers a Googler-to-Googler program that helps employees network across the company.

Google is also planning to return to the office soon, though employees will be able to work from home at least 14 days a year. Workers will be able to request written approval for extended work-from-home setups.

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The nation's largest bank by total assets is focusing on women in the workplace with its Women on the Move program that provides coaching and leadership training to female employees. The company also offers rotational programs across more than 35 functions in addition to business resource groups.

4. AT&T

The media and telecom company offers free courses in business basics to help people move into management positions along with technology and leadership training. In addition to offering tuition assistance, AT&T has partnered with outside educational institutions to help employees develop science, technology, engineering and math skills.

5. Bank of America

Bank of America offers several different programs to help nurture and grow talent. The Diverse Leaders Sponsorship Program pairs rising employees with senior leaders to increase visibility and representation, while the Women's Executive Development Program partners with Columbia Business School to help train female employees. The company also provides employees with up to $7,500 annually to be spent on undergraduate or graduate courses.

6. IBM

IBM "prioritizes continuous learning" for employees, seeing their continued growth as a way to help the company innovate. Workers at the tech company are encouraged to spend at least 40 hours a year on learning for professional development with a focus on "re-imagining, transformation and alignment with growth."

7. Deloitte

The accounting firm welcomes more than 18,000 new hires in the United States each year, and each new employee is connected with a coach, an onboarding adviser, a research manager, an engagement specialist and a project point of contact.

The company also offers training programs, like the Technology Guild Program and the Global Manager Milestone Program, which help existing employees continue to grow and transition in their careers.

8. Apple

The tech company offers online classes to help employees "sharpen their general business and software skills." Workers can also take advantage of personal finance seminars and get reimbursed for educational expenses like college tuition.

9. Walmart

The retailer's Walmart Academy offers training in skills aimed to prepare workers for long-term employment. The company also nurtures talent from the earliest levels: More than 75% of store management started as hourly employees. More than 350,000 associates have worked at Walmart for a decade or longer.

10. EY

The England-based company formerly known as Ernst & Young offers employees the first fully accredited virtual corporate MBA in partnership with Hult International Business School. The company also hosts an annual EY Unplugged program that allows first-year employees from underrepresented groups to network internally; it offers a three-year leadership development program.