Tiny tweeter: Jenna Wolfe launches Twitter account for baby Harper

Just a week ago Jenna Wolfe and NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk welcomed baby Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk into the world. Now little Harper has already launched her own Twitter account — with a little help from her moms, of course.

The Twitter account documents the day-to-day activities of being a newborn and the effect it can have on her first-time mothers, all through laugh-out-loud tweets.


Jenna said the inspiration for the account came from various expressions she started voicing for Harper soon after the birth, like "So you're the one who's been singing Barry Manilow to me for nine months?" and "What the?! Are those my feet?" Ultimately, she decided to give Harper a proper outlet.

"I just felt like opening a Twitter account for her would give her a little voice in the loud world of social media," Jenna told "Didn't know if anyone would follow her tweets, but I figured she'd have at least two loyal followers — her mother and me. Turns out, she's pretty funny. Guess it was all that amniotic fluid."

Jenna said she manages the account herself, but that Stephanie enjoys following Harper's updates. In just four days, the account has already racked up more than 2,400 followers.



As for how long Harper will keep tweeting, there's no end in sight.

"She'll have that account up and running until she's old enough to do it herself," Jenna said. "It will be a humorous approach to life, advice for moms ('I think 50 iPhone pictures of my face is enough for one day'), keen observations ('What's the deal with my belly button?'), and general thoughts and questions ('Why do you two ladies spend so much time grocery shopping when breast milk is so good?!')"

Follow tiny tweeter Harper @harperestelle on Twitter, and her social-savvy moms Jenna Wolfe (@jennawolfe) and Stephanie Gosk (@stephgosk).