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KLG and Hoda on mission to find love for TODAY stage manager

A bad hair day for Kathie Lee may hopefully lead to love for a member of the TODAY team.

On Wednesday, KLG complained that her pulled-back hairdo made her look bald, just like TODAY stage manager Yosef Herzog. She then pulled him out from behind the camera so she could compare her “cueball” head to Herzog’s shiny noggin.


That was enough to turn the heads of hundreds of Facebook fans, like Jenny, who wrote: “Hello Yosef! That’s some nice eye candy!”

Others wanted to know if he was single.

“A bunch of people saw you and thought you were cute,” Hoda told him Thursday.


“He’s adorable and he’s got a great personality,” KLG agreed. “And he just said to us the other day that he’s ready to find someone to be in a relationship with.”

So KLG offered to "make your dreams come true" and set him up with viewers who asked about him, and “maybe have a dating game thing.”

No objections from Herzog, who noted: "My mom’s going to be proud."