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Run your own errands or save time with an app? Here's which method works best

That "to-do" list never seems to get shorter, no matter how many chores get done. But what if you could use technology to make it easier?
/ Source: TODAY

We all have "to-do" lists — but it can really be hard to find the time to fit everything into our busy days.

Technology to the rescue? That's what we're hoping, anyway. A number of apps now available promise to streamline many of those repetitive, time-consuming chores — and as part of our Save Time TODAY series, we decided to find out if they really make life easier.

Pitting two moms against one another, we sent Lori Davis Denny out on the "old school" route of doing things for herself. Kelly Wilkniss, however, was able to order up help with her daily duties via apps on her phone. How did they do?

stay at home mom uses apps
Kelly makes use of the latest apps to get her chores done.TODAY

Getting the car washed

Lori ordered up a deluxe with son Edison in the car by driving to her local facility. Kelly ordered someone to come over to her house and wash it for her.

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Laundry and exercise

Kelly had her dry cleaning picked up, which gave her time to do Pilates with a woman who came to her house. Lori, meanwhile, brought Edison with her to her workout and dropped off her dry cleaning before picking up lunch.

stay at home mom runs errands
Lori takes the traditional route around the grocery store.TODAY

Grocery shopping

Kelly ordered groceries while standing in her kitchen, while Lori took the traditional route of meandering through the store itself.


Lori made this work as part of her dry cleaning drop-off, but Kelly had her meal delivered after ordering it through an app.

The winner?

Lori! Despite having to do everything herself, she saved approximately an hour and forty minutes compared to her rival. And Kelly also had to pay for all of her stay-at-home convenience: $85.90 to be exact.

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While both moms say that apps are a luxury, they can be helpful in a pinch — like when a child isn't well enough to be carted around town, or they're working from home.

Kelly was philosophical: "It's going to cost you a little more if you want to be an app mommy, but I think these are great apps to have in your toolbox when you need them."

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