3 simple hacks to keep your refrigerator clean and organized

We use our refrigerators religiously, but what if we told you there were a few easy ways to create even more interior space and cut down on the cleaning?

Recently, we stumbled upon three very smart hacks that help create more space, keep shelves cleaner, and keep food contents organized. Use one, two or all of these tips, and you'll start seeing this appliance in a whole new light.

3 easy tips to keep your fridge clean and organized

Tip #1: Add decorative shelf liners — they make cleanup easy!

DIY shelf liners add instant style and simplify cleaning. Yes, really! Creating these pretty and practical inserts is easy, too. Here's how:

  • Measure fridge shelves
  • Cut decorative mats to size
  • Fit onto shelves
DIY shelf liners add some personality to your fridge, and make cleanup easy!

Every time you pull open your fridge door, you'll be greeted with a splash of color. What's more, it will be much easier to catch every drip, spill or mess. Just take the insert out and wash with warm soapy water, dry, and return it to the fridge shelf.

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Tip #2: Use your fridge door to keep track of your grocery list

If you're always forgetting your grocery shopping list, you may find this hack super helpful. Just turn the front of your fridge into a dry erase board! Of course, be sure to test this idea out in an inconspicuous area of the fridge before scribbling all over the front of your refrigerator door.

Start keeping track of your grocery list by writing it on your door with a dry erase marker.

Here's how to do it: First, tack up a dry erase marker on or near your fridge. Then, whenever you're running low on butter or humus or fancy cheeses or Nutella, just write a reminder to yourself on the front of the fridge. Right before you make a trip to the store, snap a photo of your "grocery list" with your phone and you're set! Just remember to wipe your fridge door clean for next time.

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Tip #3: Utilize unused space.... for beer!

If you're a fan of beer (or any bottled beverage), this will help create more space on fridge shelves. We invested in a pair of heavy duty magnets specifically created to hold beer bottles in place by their bottle caps.

Strong Like Bull Magnets bottleLoft, $32, Amazon.com

Need more space? These peel and stick Neodymium Magnets are strong enough to keep beer bottles off your refrigerator shelves.

With these super strong magnets in place, bottles hang vertically from the underside of an upper shelf, freeing up necessary space below. They really make a difference when it comes to fridge real estate!

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