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The 1 thing you need to keep your fridge organized

Need a little extra space in your fridge? Try this storage idea using binder clips to keep your beverages neatly stacked.
/ Source: TODAY

A fridge full of frosty, cold beverages isn't a bad problem to have! That is, unless you need a little extra room for anything else.

If you're looking to find a way to free up some space or display your collection of delicious brews, we've got just the hack for you. All you need is one large binder clip and you'll be able to create a pyramid of beers (root or regular) in no time!

Follow the steps below or watch the video here for an impressive trick that will have your guests hesitating in awe before they reach for another cold one.

1. Lay out your bottom layer of bottles.

2. Grab one binder clip and attach it to the rungs of the fridge shelving from below. Clip it next to the last bottle to provide some resistance and keep the bottles from rolling away.

3. Simply keep stacking until your beer-amid (Get it? Beer plus pyramid?) reaches a perfect point.

Another great tip to keep in mind — this trick works with cans too, so you can keep all your beverages chilled regardless of size.

If you're really looking to free up space in the fridge, keep the base of the pyramid small and aim for a higher stack.