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14 things you can throw out of your kitchen right now

Why wait for the New Year to get more organized? Our tips will help you now.
/ Source: TODAY
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Ever feel like you're on the verge of being a hoarder, and there's clutter everywhere you look?

Experts always tout the new year as the perfect time to get organized, but why wait? Here are 14 things from your kitchen that you can toss or take to your local donation center right now. Yes, right now! Review the list below and see which you're willing to let go.

14 things you can toss from your kitchen right now:

1. Extra cups and mugs. Take stock of all of that drinkware stacked up in your kitchen and decide if you really need 15 mugs, 17 plastic cups and more unused glasses gathering dust. If you can trim it, do.

2. Duplicate measuring cups. Are all of those extra measuring cups necessary? Probably not.

3. Extra water bottles. Unless you’re hiking Mount Everest or have a large family, you probably don’t need more than a few water bottles

4. Leaky travel mugs. You didn’t want to use those, anyway.

5. Duplicate utensils. If those extra utensils aren’t being used, donate them.

6. Knives no one uses. Enough said.

7. Take-out chopsticks. Just make sure to recycle them!

8. Mixed sets of silverware. Love your matching silverware sets but have lost the “match” over the years? It’s probably OK to let the lonely item go.

9. Multiple scissors. One pair will do the trick!

10. Expired spices. You know, because they’re expired.

11. Dry erase markers without the board. No board? No markers.

12. Take-out menus. Your favorite restaurant probably has its menu online these days!

13. Duplicate baking tools. Who needs four whisks, anyway?

14. Plastic cutlery. If it’s disposable, toss it in the recycling bin.

This article was originally published January 5, 2016.