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One woman will build an exact Lego replica of your home

Shari Austrian, the artist behind the Etsy shop Little Brick Lane, transforms home plans and photographs into scale models made entirely out of Lego bricks.
/ Source: TODAY

Home is where the heart is, but just how much do you love your house? If the answer is enough to purchase a miniature replica, we’ve got great news!

Shari Austrian, founder of Little Brick Lane, will build a cute clone of your exact dwelling, both interior and exterior, entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Want to see your house in Lego bricks? Now you can.
Want to see your house in Lego bricks? Now you can.Little Brick Lane / Little Brick Lane

Here’s how it works: Customers submit architectural plans and photographs and she transforms them into scale models, complete with all the comforts of home, from front yards with gardens and walkways to intricately tiled floors and kitchen cabinets.

She may have just recently launched her Etsy shop, but Austrian's fascination with all things pint-sized began long ago.

“I have always adored, collected and created all sorts of miniatures — they’re just so cute. From the time I was a little girl, I was building mini fruits, animals and homes out of Play-Doh and Lego,” Austrian told TODAY Home.

A bedroom made entirely of Lego bricks.
A bedroom made entirely of Lego bricks.Little Brick Lane / Little Brick Lane

Austrian says her twins, Emilia and Julian, reintroduced her to the joys of model construction and allowed her to reconnect with her passion.

“As we were building our new house in 2015, I was fascinated by the design and development. The whole family was so excited to move and I thought building a LEGO replica of our residence would be a special present for them and a celebration of our new life,” she recalled.

Austrian has all the details covered in her Lego replica homes.
Austrian has all the details covered in her Lego replica homes.Little Brick Lane

“I like working with Lego both for the complexity and simplicity," Austrian said. "I’m a perfectionist just as much as I’m an artist and I value the clean lines, precision and interlocking strength of the bricks.”

To date, she has built four Lego home models. “My creations thus far have been primarily recreational. It was only after an overwhelming enthusiastic response from people who saw them that I decided to start Little Brick Lane at the end of 2017."

You could have your very own Lego replica home in 8-10 weeks.
You could have your very own Lego replica home in 8-10 weeks.Little Brick Lane / Little Brick Lane

Dreaming of a pint-sized dwelling of your own? The price is $1.25 per square foot. So, for example, a 3,000-square-foot domicile would cost $3,750.

And in about 10 weeks — which includes time for conceptual design, ordering materials and construction — you can sit inside your actual abode and gaze at the mesmerizing majesty of a miniature version.

Austrian says she hopes to spread the joy of this whimsical art form into other people’s lives. From where we’re sitting, the idea looks like a home run.